Liang Yan

Liang Yan (顏良)
Blood TypeO
D.O.B.14th November 1951
Appears inShenmue II

Liang Yan (Chinese: 顏良) is a member of the Yellow Heads gang that mostly operates in Kowloon, however, their influence does spread beyond the walled city and Liang is actually first seen in Aberdeen.

Liang is first seen in the Fortune's Pier of Aberdeen where he, along with Bao Zhu and Jin Niu, are accompanying Yuan who is conducting a deal with Gangfang Lin. During the deal they are ambushed by Ren who knocks out Bao and Gangfang and makes off with the money involved, leaving Ryo, who Ren had tricked into following him, to deal with Yuan and the others. Liang and Jin attempt to fight with Ryo but are soon defeated.

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