Mitsugu Nomura

Mitsugu Nomura - 野村貢
Height5' 9"
Blood TypeAB
D.O.B.9th July 1941
FamilyWife: Taeko Nomura
Daughter: Yukie Nomura
Appears inShenmue I

Mitsugu Nomura (Japanese: 野村貢) is a veteran taxi driver with 27 years of experience. He used to work for a large taxi firm, but quit so that he could be self-employed. Even though it is less money, and irregular working hours, he enjoys the freedom gained with working this way. He lives in Sakuragaoka with his wife, Taeko, but the two are not getting along well. Six months ago, their daughter suddenly left home to live in Tokyo and has not been in contact with them ever since. This is causing a strain on their marriage as they blame each other for their daughter's breaking of contact. To avoid the tension at home, Mitsugu works at night, or wanders around Dobuita during the day to avoid seeing his wife. It is likely that they will soon break up, but no one else is aware of their problems they are facing.

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