Mysterious Scroll

Mysterious Scroll
CollectionSpecial Items
GameShenmue I
AvailabilityPick Up

The Mysterious Scroll is a scroll that can be found behind the "Principles of Yin and Yang" scroll in the Hazuki Dojo. However, as the scroll is in Chinese, Ryo cannot read it. If Ryo calls Guizhang, he can ask to meet him and then give him the scroll to translate. Guizhang translates the scroll as followed:

Oh fierce tiger. Thou are ruler of the forest, the bravest of character. As tranquil as the most majestic of mountains. As swift as a bolt of lightning. As violent as an earthquake jolting the great earth. Show no mercy, with twin fangs strike, and rush up Moon Mountain. Striking fear in all, nary a soul challenge thee."

Guizhang explains that the poetry in the scroll is to teach a martial arts move, but is written in a code that only the master and those associated with them would be able to understand. He surmises that, as Iwao had the scroll, he must also have received it from the master who originally wrote it.

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