Rena Isayama

Rena Isayama - 伊佐山玲奈
Height5' 1"
Blood TypeA
D.O.B.26th February 1970
Appears inShenmue I

Rena Isayama (Japanese: 伊佐山玲奈) is a sophomore in high school and a member of a notorious gang of girls in the area whom her friend, Yumiko Minamino, is the leader of. She grew up in a poor family environment and started to make trouble when she was in junior high school, her behaviour has been deteriorating ever since. She doesn't get on well with her family any more, with the exception of her grandmother who has been taking care of her. Rena is also friends with Mai Sawano and recently got her to join their gang. As well as her causing trouble around Dobuita and being rude to people, she is also dangerous as she carries a razor blade in the sleeve of her school uniform.

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