Rika Sato

Rika Sato - 佐藤里香
Height3' 9"
Blood TypeB
D.O.B.25th June 1978
FamilyFather: Arihiro Sato
Appears inShenmue I

Rika Sato (Japanese: 佐藤里香) is a second grade elementary school student and the daughter of Arihiro Sato whom she lives with in apartment 102 of the Yamanose Apartments in Yamanose. She is a strange girl who, whenever she is given new dolls, prefers to undress them and display them on her bookshelf. This causes her family to worry about her and what will become of her in her future. Once, when her father gave her a teddy bear instead of a doll, she threw a fit and was uncontrollable for days.

Rika is no relation to Akemi Sato.

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