Shinkichi Noda

Shinkichi Noda - 野田信吉
Height5' 6"
Blood TypeO
D.O.B.19th July 1941
Appears inShenmue I

Shinkichi Noda (Japanese: 野田信吉) is the owner of Uokichi Seafood on Dobuita Street, Yokosuka. His true passions in life are karaoke and gambling, especially gambling on horse-racing. Despite the fact that he rarely wins any money when he gambles, he likes the thrill of it, which leads him to waste far too much money on the habit. Sometimes he even spends the entire profits of the store on gambling, and, because of his behaviour, his wife left him 10 years ago. At the time, this came as a shock to him, but he remains cheerful and since then his habit has actually worsened. He also cannot handle his drink, only a little beer will render him drunk, which causes him to look like a worse drinker than he actually is. Despite all his bad habits though, he is very serious about his work, and only selects the best fish for the store, offering them at very good prices, so his customers remain loyal.

Shinkichi is not related to Kosaku Noda.

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