Takashi Takashiro

Takashi Takashiro - 高城隆史
Height5' 11"
Blood TypeAB
D.O.B.17th April 1957
Voice ActorTakuya Tsukamoto (Japanese)
Bill Sullivan (English)
Appears inShenmue I

Takashi Takashiro (Japanese: 高城隆史) is a tattoo artist who owns and operates his own Tattoo Parlor out of apartment 202 at Okayama Heights on Dobuita Street where he also lives. He was originally born in Hiroshima and, whilst still a student in junior high school, he asked a punk about his tattoos, but he was beat up by him with no provocation. By chance a local tattoo artist, Soroku Kikuchi, was passing and saved Takashi from being seriously injured. Takashi shortly after became Kikuchi's student as his interest in tattoos deepened. After a while, as he and Kikuchi didn't have the same view on tattoos, Kikuchi saw them as scribbles, but Takashi saw them as art, they parted ways. By this point, Takashi was 17 and was earning good money from tattooing truck drivers and hitch-hiked all the way to Yokohama. He started to live with a girl, Asami, and even took on his own student, Shunkichi. Asami had very fair skin and Takashi even tattooed them both with the same design, but one day Asami left with Shunkichi and since then Takashi hasn't trusted many people. He moved to Yokosuka five years ago and has been tattooing people from his flat ever since.

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