Tea Break Building


The Tea Break Building is located in the Dimsum Quarter and can be accessed through the back of either Everyone's Restaurant or Nihao Teahouse and, as the name suggests, all the shops inside are teahouses. Despite this though, the vast majority of the rooms in the building are actually residential flats, for example, Huang the Wiretapper lives here. The building has 10 floors all accessible by the stairs, also the lift stops at floors 1, 3, 5, 7 and 9. This building has access to the Dimsum Building and the Three Birds Building on all floors, and also the Phoenix Building is connected to it, but the entrance is always blocked or guarded.

[edit] Shops & Areas

Name Type Floor
Apricot Teahouse Tea House 1F
Dragon Heart's Teahouse Tea House 1F
Elegant Teahouse Tea House 1F
Marvelous Teahouse Tea House 1F
Oolong Teahouse Tea House 1F
Fu Fu Teahouse Tea House 6F
Fu Jiang Teahouse Tea House 6F
Glory Diner Restaurant 6F
Health and Beauty Teahouse Tea House 6F
Luck and Virtue Teahouse Tea House 6F
Meat Bun Teahouse Tea House 6F
Recovery Teahouse Tea House 6F
Huang's Room Apartment 9F

[edit] Residents and Workers

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