Worker's Pier


The Worker's Pier (労湾碼頭) is the first place in Aberdeen that Ryo arrives in. The area connects onto the Fortune's Pier and Queen's Street and also overlooks the sea.


[edit] Shops

[edit] Gambling

[edit] Arm Wrestling

Arm Wrestling matches are hosted in the following locations:

Opponent Location Bet
Nadam Begue Rooftop Fight $30
Agon Girei Rooftop Fight $50
Uzun Temur Rooftop Fight $60
Jimenez Garcia Inside an open Warehouse near the entrance to the Aberdeen Port $10
Bear Norton Around near Kaiho Transport $40
Guston Hymer Down a short alley near some market stands $40

[edit] Darts 7

Darts 7 is available at the following locations:

Locations Player Bet Score Average
Bar Swing Barry Jones $10 - $30
$100 - $300
100 points
550 - 600 points
Bar Swing Yongmin Wen $1
200 points

[edit] Market Stands

There are also a number of market stands located in this area:

Stand Owner Stand Name Wares Items for sale
Zizai Shou
Xiangtian Shou
Unnamed Music None.
Caoxuan Fang Unnamed Watches None.
Changsheng Guan Unnamed Cooked Food None.
Jinglan Lin Harbour Stand Zippos Zippo Lighters
Lili Gui Unnamed Ice Cream None.
Yuanpei Xin Fortune's Pier Stand Watches None.
Shan Jing Easy Toy Watches Virtua Fighter Toy Capsules Machine
Cheng Yu Unnamed Watches None.
Yong Meng First Class Centre Zippos Zippo Lighters
Zhulian Chen Unnamed Watches None.
Gan Hong Pigeon Park Stand Watches, Mystery Boxes Toy Capsule Boxes

[edit] Residents and Workers

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