Yellow Heads

Yellow Heads
LeaderDou Niu
Other Prominent MembersYuan
Yuandao Huo
Liandeng Jing
Operates withinKowloon
Main BaseYellow Head Building

The Yellow Head (黄天会) are a large gang that operate in Kowloon, probably the largest gang that Ryo has come across thus far. They occupy the Yellow Head Building, the biggest building in Kowloon, that has entrances from all three quarters. They also occupy the Big Ox Building, thought to be either a section of the Yellow Head Building, or another building altogether that is connected to the Yellow Head Building.

As well as being the largest building in Kowloon, the Yellow Head Building is also the tallest by far, the whole of the Kowloon Walled City can easily be seen from it's roof. The building itself is heavily guarded with guards placed on all the outside entrances to stop outsiders from getting inside. The only other way to get inside is via a secret network of sewer tunnels that run underneath the building from Thousand White Building.

The Yellow Heads are lead by Dou Niu, a large man in both height and build, who is also incredibly strong, although he is beaten with relative ease by Xiuying at one point. In the upper levels of the Big Ox Building there are stone bust carvings of him as well as large portraits. Yuan could be considered his second in command and right-hand man as portraits of him also can be seen on the upper floors, that and the two are involved in a relationship. Additionally, the gang, or at least Dou Niu, have some sort of rivalry with Ren of Heavens although the exact details of this aren't really explained.

They are known in the area for their violent methods and regularly intimidate the locals. This can be seen when Yuan makes unreasonable complaints about a fridge that he has bought having something wrong with it. The problem is that it is the wrong colour, but the shop owner accommodates his complaints anyway in order to avoid getting into trouble with the gang.

Despite their main base of operations being in Kowloon, they also have influence in both Aberdeen and Wan Chai. Liandeng Jing, one of the gang members, operates as a landshark in Wan Chai and is specifically trying to force people out of the Yan Tin Apartments. Yuan also can be seen making deals in the Fortune's Pier warehouses.

The gang also have connections with the Chi You Men and have been given the task of finding Yuanda Zhu during the events of Shenmue II. Due to the Yellow Heads methods they are able to get Yang, a former associate of Yuanda Zhu, to pass information to them and are eventually able to find Yuanda Zhu to turn him over to LanDi. However this doesn't go according to plan as Yuanda Zhu is saved by the combined efforts of Ryo, Ren, Wong and Joy and Ryo is even able to defeat Dou Niu in battle. After Ryo heads to Guilin, this is the last we hear of the Yellow Heads.

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