Zheng Chun

Zheng Chun
Zheng Chun (left), with Wei Dian and Shiren Fu
Blood TypeA
D.O.B.26th November 1960
Appears inShenmue II

Zheng Chun is a member of the Yellow Heads gang that mostly operates in Kowloon, however, Zheng can be seen first in Wan Chai taking part in some of the Yellow Heads operations there.

He can be seen, along with another Yellow Head member, Wei Dian, attack Deming Rong, the owner of the Man Mo Bistro in the Wise Men's Quarter. Although it is unclear what started the fight, they also blame Lijuan Wei, the waitress at the restaurant, for serving them bad food. However Ryo and Fangmei come to Deming and Lijuan's aid and throw them both out of the restaurant, warning them to not come back again.

Zheng appears in another scene with Wei and also Shiren Fu in the White Dynasty Quarter. The three of them threaten Zhengye Luo, a young boy who is looking after a bird stand, into paying them in order to operate his stand. Ryo intervenes this time as well to save Zhengye from coming to harm.

Zheng appears again, attacking Ryo in the White Dynasty Quarter as part of a large group of Yellow Heads, including Yuan, who are attempting to kidnap Shuqin Zhang. He attacks alongside Guanguan Yuan, Jingmu Jiang, Luxian Cai and Wei Dian, but before they can attack they are beaten by Xiuying.

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