Zhou Yue

Zhou Yue
Blood TypeA
D.O.B.11th January 1961
Appears inShenmue II

Zhou Yue is a member of the Chi You Men, a secretive criminal organisation which operates primarily in China. Zhou Yue is one of the many subordinates who work for LanDi.

Zhou is first seen in Wan Chai, working with the Yellow Heads gang who have been hired by LanDi to locate Yuanda Zhu. The Yellow Heads had been successful in tracking down Shuqin Zhang, a man who worked closely with Yuanda Zhu, and Zhou can be seen with a large group of Yellow Heads, including Yuan, escorting the kidnapped Shuqin through the White Dynasty Quarter. However Zhou and the Yellow Heads are beaten by the combined efforts of Ryo and Xiuying Hong and Shuqin is rescued.

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