Zongquan Bai

Zongquan Bai - 白宗泉
Blood TypeO
D.O.B.8th November 1949
Appears inShenmue II

Zongquan Bai (白宗泉) used to be a student at the Guang Martial Arts School in the Green Market Quarter, Wan Chai, however he was expelled by the Master, Zhoushan Xuan.

Ryo comes into contact with him after hearing of him from Zhoushan whilst he is trying to find out about Wude, learning that he is now showing off martial arts moves in the Golden Shopping Mall in the near by Golden Quarter for money. He finds him there and, once Zongquan realises Ryo is Japanese, he draws the attention of the crowd and persuades Ryo to help him out by smashing a rock with his hand for the crowd. Much to Zongquan's surprise Ryo is better than he expected.

With that over, Ryo can finally ask him if he's the student Zhoushan spoke about. Once Zongquan realises that Zhoushan, instead of speaking badly of him to Ryo like he expected and that he was in fact blaming himself over his own powerlessness to guide his student he entrusts Ryo with a letter to deliver to the Master which he agrees to do. As promised, Ryo delivers the letter which explains that whilst Zongquan cannot give up "tune nor fist" that he hasn't forgotten Jie, one of the principles of Wude that Ryo was trying to understand.

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